Next Venture Technologies Partners with Inshur

Next Venture Technologies (NVT) is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Inshur, a leading provider of innovative insurance solutions for the on-demand economy. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both companies as they join forces to streamline the insurance process for brokers and enhance the overall customer experience.

Through the integration of Inshur's open APIs into NVT's technology platform, brokers now have seamless access to a wide range of cutting-edge insurance products tailored for the on-demand economy. Daniel Lowis, Wholesale Distribution Manager for INSHUR UK, emphasized the importance of simplifying the insurance process for brokers, noting that this partnership represents a significant step forward in achieving that goal. By leveraging NVT's user-friendly platform alongside Inshur's expertise, brokers can now effortlessly offer Inshur products to their customers.

This gives both INSHUR and our broker partners a great opportunity to generate more business within our frictionless marketplace while giving full transparency throughout the supply chain.

Stephen Peck, Managing Director of Next Venture Technologies, expressed his excitement about the partnership, highlighting the opportunities it presents for both Inshur and NVT's broker partners to expand their business within a frictionless marketplace. He emphasised the integration of Inshur into NVT's platform as a means to enhance brokers' operational efficiency and deliver the best possible service to their end customers.

Looking Forward

This partnership underscores Next Venture Technologies' commitment to innovation and providing its broker partners with access to cutting-edge solutions that drive growth and efficiency. For brokers interested in learning more about the partnership and the opportunities it presents, they are encouraged to use the contact form on the NVT website Together, Next Venture Technologies and Inshur are poised to revolutionise the insurance landscape for the on-demand economy, offering brokers and customers alike unparalleled convenience and transparency.