Creating Streamlined Solutions for Zixty

In early 2022, Zixty required a robust system to retrieve quotes promptly from Next Venture’s pricing engine and manage the entire process from quoting to policy issuance.

The collaborative efforts between Zixty and Next Venture resulted in a swift implementation, with the project going live by mid-2022. The API integration facilitated rapid quote generation, optimising Zixty's efficiency in serving their customers. By accessing Next Venture's technology, Zixty not only improved their internal operations but also expanded their reach by seamlessly connecting to price comparison platforms, enhancing their market presence.

"Zixty, a short-term car and van insurance broker, sought streamlined solutions for their policy management and quoting process. As an innovative insurtech company, we worked with them to revolutionise their operations."

Post-implementation, Zixty witnessed a significant reduction in processing time, allowing them to cater to more clients effectively. The integration with Next Venture Technologies enabled Zixty to elevate their service quality and broaden their market outreach, fostering growth and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Looking Forward

The collaboration between Next Venture Technologies and Zixty exemplifies the power of seamless integration and technological innovation in transforming traditional insurance brokerage. By embracing cutting-edge solutions, Zixty positioned themselves as a competitive force in the short-term insurance market.